Our Core Business

Our Core Business

  • Building  Blocks

    30,000 scaffolds and building blocks specially designed based on structural information of marketed drugs, clinical and preclinical candidates

    About 10,000 building blocks in stock with quantities ranging from grams to tons

    Over 3,000 tool compound kits designed based on structure-activity relationship (SAR)

    Featured Product Series

    • Cyclopropane Series

    • Cyclobutane, Azetidine & Oxetane Series

    • Pyrrolidine, Cyclopentane, Tetrahydrofuran & Pyrazole Series

    • Piperidine, Cyclohexane & Tetrahydropyran Series

    • Indole, Azaindole & Deazapurine Series

    • Special 5, 6-Fused Aromatic Series

    • Bridged, Spiro & Fused Compound Series

    • Other Special Compounds
  • Custom  synthesis

    High-quality and cost-effective custom synthesis service with quantities ranging from grams to tons

    Well-known capability to execute challenging chemistry reactions

    Prompt delivery of all kilo-scale custom synthesis projects with 3 to 16 synthetic steps

  • Process Research & Development

    Continue building PMI guided PR&D capability: flow chemistry; process safety; biocatalysis; automated synthesis & screening; process engineering

    Creative synthetic routes scouting

    Chemistry process development and optimization

    Impurity identification and profiling

    Technical package transfer

    Prechlinical manufacturing (GLP synthesis)

    Process R&D FTE services

    Kilo-scale production of key intermediates and RSMs

  • Pilot Plant and Manufacturing

    Pilot plant and commercial manufacturing of key intermediates and RSMs

    Well experienced in project management; a seamless technical information transfer, as programs advance from preclinical to commercial

    Pilot plant enables scale-up trial batch production at 1-10kg scale

    Multi-purpose production lines in the manufacturing site ensure high and stable capacity

    Production and operation under cGMP-like environment

    Audited by a number of top pharmaceutical companies; certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001

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